It is so easy to develop great expectations of ourselves based others. You see someone else’s success or instagrammed life and you put that expectation on yourself. I should have that life etc etc and it slowly becomes why isn’t my life like that, why aren’t I successful. The result is you can be very hard on yourself because you don’t see yourself as good enough.

So my next rule for the new year…

Rule no. 2 Don’t compare yourself to others

Yep it’s a simple one but blimey…it’s not easy.

So stop looking at others and what they have what they’re doing. Stop comparing.

Truth is there is always someone who will come along and you’ll think they’re smarter or prettier or funnier or witter than me, whatever it is it will happen because that’s just life and somewhere along the way you will probably be that person for someone else. Taking that in to account think about the person who thinks you’re doing better than better them and the person you think is doing better than you! You see that nothing is as it seems, everyone is struggling in their own way. Instagram isn’t real, Facebook isn’t real, what you see isn’t real there is always another story.

So stop comparing yourself to false standards and ideals. It only brings you down and wastes your time. Think about what you want and focus on your goals and your achievements and don’t worry about how long it takes to get there!


Rule no. 3 Don’t let others influence you

People will kill you over time, and how they’ll kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases, like ‘be realistic.’

Dylan Moran

‘Be realistic’ Isn’t that awful?

But it’s true, sometimes people just won’t be as passionate as you, they won’t believe in you or they just won’t see what you see. So you need to remember that and not let people’s negative comments or doubt bring you down as well.

I think there have been times in my life where I missed opportunities because I let everyone’s opinion creep in ‘should you do that’ ‘what if it doesn’t work ‘what would they think if you did that’ the words can become a weight that drags you down and stops you moving forward.

It isn’t easy to ignore them but this year I’m going to try.

I think you should be unrealistic, be passionate, be crazy, be a dreamer, be whatever you want but just be you, do what makes you happy. Forget about what others will think or say and take the risk. Take the risk.

Even if things go wrong even if they fail miserably you will feel happy that you tried, happy that you did what you wanted with that confidence in yourself. You’ll be a stronger individual, you’ll like yourself more for it and if you stay strong and keep believing you’ll have the strength to pick yourself up and go at it again!



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