The end or the beginning?

So I haven’t written anything in a while…..

2017 was a rocky year for me and I ended it with a positive view, that I could change and change my situation for the better, unfortunately I’ve had a rocky start to 2018.

The company I work for went into liquidation today…I know….rubbish! It was leading up to this but it came a lot quicker then expected and it was a job I didn’t even really like but money is money, right?

Prospect of unemployment and hard times ahead does not do anything for my confidence of self-esteem but I don’t want to fall into old habits and let this get the better of me. I want to stay strong and continue the positive thinking.

So yes, my job has gone and yes my income has gone but maybe this isn’t the end, maybe it’s the beginning? I didn’t like this job and you could probably argue it was holding me back and I let it because I was comfortable. Maybe these unfortunate circumstances force me to start making those changes, change my job, change my lifestyle, get out there, travel, learn. Finally start doing things, start living!

So I’m not treating this as a loss, I’m going to take the bad situation and turn it into an opportunity…hopefully!

I’m going to go into the unknown with open arms!

I’ve linked my instagram now and I’m going to try and post more photos and videos of the things that help me along the way. I feel a bit nervous about this, instagram has typically shown a rose tinted view of my life and this blog is much more personal but now I’m going to combine the two to really try to be more open about my journey and about mental health!

You know what they say ‘if it’s bitter at the start then it’s sweeter in the end’


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